❤Q. How much does it cost?


A.SGD$78-$118 for upper lashes. SGD$20 for lower lashes. 


❤Q. How long will it last?


A. It will last 3-8weeks depending on how you maintain.


❤Q. How do I maintain the lashes?


A. First 12-24 hours after extension, do not let your lashes touch water. Try not a to rub your eyes or sleep sideways on your face. If you want to use an eyeliner, please use a water-based one.


❤Q. Hi, how much do you charge for removal?


A. If your current set of lashes is done by me, removal is free. If done by others, I will have to charge an extra $15-$20. 

If you're doing in-house removal only there will be a fee of $10. 

❤Q. Some lashes dropped, can I touch up?


A. Touch up is only applicable within 2.5 weeks of your new lashes.

The fee will be 50% from your usual price.

After 3 weeks, the old glue will still drop and I will recommend a re-do.


❤Q. How long is each session?


A. It is 1hr-2hrs long.